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【资深研究职位】:主要包括 首席科学家,资深研究员(tenured)


【预聘研究职位】:主要包括 特聘研究员(预聘,tenure-track)



1. 薪酬和福利待遇


2. 科研保障




1 个人中英文简历

2 自荐信


4 研究总结与研究计划(含研究经费预算)

5 三名推荐人姓名及联系方式



Recruitment of Faculty for the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (SZBL)

About the SZBL

The Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (SZBL) is a newly established Guangdong Provincial Laboratory, located in the heart of the China Great Bay Area. It was launched by the Peking University and Shenzhen City with an initial budget of $2 billion USD/5yr. The mission of the SZBL is to create a new research model to boost the health sciences and nurture the innovation-oriented biotechnology industry.

Whom we’re looking for

The SZBL will deliver cutting-edge technology to the international scientific community through worldwide innovation and collaboration with experts and we are looking for the brightest minds to help us achieve our goals.

We are looking to fill multiple faculty positions at all ranks. Applicants should have a doctoral degree in biology, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine or closely related fields. Postdoctoral experience is required for a junior position (Assistant Professor). Applicants for senior positions are expected to have a demonstrated publication and funding record indicative of a leading scientist.

We particularly welcome applications from those with research interests related to cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases. Review of applications will start April 2019, but positions will remain open until filled.

What is offered

Startup package and salaries will be competitive at an international level. A package of fringe benefits that include health and retirement benefits. The SZBL will also help applicants apply for national and local talent programs.

Your Application

The SZBL is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applicants from all sections of the community.

Required Application documents:

1. Curriculum vitae

2. Cover letter

3. Lists of publications and research funding

4. Research summary and proposal

5. Name and contact details of 3 references


Please send the application documents by email attachment to hr_office@szbl.ac.cn

Email subject: the title of the position for which you are applying.

Email content: please include your contact information, name, telephone number, and any dates on which you would be unavailable for an interview. Upon request, applications will be considered confidentially.